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Pictures from Las Vegas

After days of hiking and National Park style adventures, Las Vegas was quite a change. We all agreed it was a lot of fun and our room at the Bellagio was deluxe. The next morning I got up before sunrise and drove over to the Hoover Dam for a look around and a few photos.

This trip wasn't long after 9/11. Concerned that the dam might be a terrorist target, the Nevada National Guard had set up a massive road block about a mile west of the dam, (floodlights, weapons, dogs, armored vehicles - the works). They questioned me, searched the car and my camera bag before allowing me to continue on my way. Trucks and RV's were simply turned back. The Colorado River forms the boundary between Nevada and Arizona, so the state line is at the middle of the dam. After I had spent some time taking pictures, I decided to drive a few miles into Arizona just to look around.

As I was returning to the dam from the east, the contrast with my earlier approach couldn't have been greater. This time there were no search lights, no road flares, and no troops surrounding the car. Instead, as I neared the dam, I passed several Arizona State Police standing by the side of the road having a cup of coffee. As I drove by, one nodded and another gave me a cheery wave. Much more pleasant.

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