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Ta Prohm, the Tomb Raider temple

Ta Prohm was a Buddhist monastery and university. Construction is dated to 1186 AD, but it's believed it was built over a period of many years. Through the centuries, the main temple, Angkor Wat, was used steadily enough that it never became overgrown. Ta Prohm, however, fell into disuse and was eventually overtaken by the jungle. When the French arrived in the 1800's, they began clearing and uncovering the whole complex. As Ta Prohm was being cleared, a decision was made to leave the trees. Their dramatic impact has made this temple one of everyone's favorites.

TPT, front TPT, collapsed ceiling, front TPT, front left TPT, front right TPT, monks TPT, tree roots TPT, walkway TPT, more roots TPT, big roots TPT, back corner TPT, another tree TPT, tree TPT, other entrance

You can see the tree roots forcing their way into the cracks between the stones.

TPT, roots in cracks

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