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Banyon Temple

Bayon was the final temple we visited. Dating to roughly 1200, this was last temple built in the Angkor complex. It's apparently the only Angkorian temple built primarily as a Buddhist shrine. The most distinctive features are the smiling stone faces on the many towers. There's been some debate about whose face this is. It's definitely not Buddha, but the face does look suspiciously like contemporary statues of the king at that time. There were originally over 50 towers and about 37 are still standing.

The gate below is the "Elephant Gate". A king or a dignitary arriving by elephant could ride through this gate without dismounting.

Bayon, elephant gate Bayon, elephants Bayon, another tower Bayon, entrance Bayon, two towers Bayon, wall carving Bayon, tower Bayon, more temple

This iceman was servicing the small food stalls clustered around all of the temple entrances. The other shots were taken from the balloon.

Iceman AW, balloon rice fields Cows from above

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