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Food vendors

Viet Nam's economy has plenty of large manufacturing, we saw huge factories making electronics and shoes. Thankfully it also seems to have ample opportunity for small businesses. In the villages, small truck gardens are everywhere, and we saw people making things in their yard like baskets, brooms, lanterns and even chop sticks.

Our guide told us that in the cities, people might shop for food two or three times per day. A butcher or a vegetable stand could be just feet from your doorstep, and everything is super fresh. If you're going to make a salad, just step outside. Shops and small restaurants often operate out of tiny spaces, and most of their business is transacted on the sidewalk. A "brick & mortar" fruit stand might have a wider variety of products, but some things are imported. Someone on a bicycle, on the other hand, is likely selling something that they picked earlier today – it's local and it's fresh.

Ha Noi, bicycle woman with apples Ha Noi, green grocer Ha Noi, Woman selling bamboo Hoi An, fish market Hoi An, noodle vendor Nha Trang, vegetables Ha Noi, sidewalk butcher Ha Noi, woman selling produce on bike Ha Noi, meat stand

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