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Shops & Restaurants

Some stores are definitely indoors – appliance and TV stores, jewelry stores and so on. Air conditioned, high end stores in the main business districts also have typical store fronts. But what we saw in the older parts of cities and towns were shops open to the sidewalk. No doorway, no windows, just roll up the overhead door and there you are. As I mentioned before, the shops and restaurants spill out to the curb. (Otherwise any empty sidewalk is quickly filled by mopeds. Busy places like coffee shops have an attendant who helps manage the moped parking.)

Ha Noi, Shops at night Ha Noi, back street Ha Noi, shops at night 03 Hoi An, street scene Ha Noi, shops at night 04 Ha Noi, Streetside restaurant Cone hat shop Hoi An, trash lady Ha Noi, soccer game Outdoor restaurant

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