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Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is about 150 miles east of Ha Noi, and it's one of the most famous natural wonders of Viet Nam. The large bay is filled with thousands of limestone islands. These rise spectacularly from the ocean with near vertical cliffs, and they're all topped with thick, tropical vegetation. We boarded a small ship and motored out into the islands for an overnight stay.

Ha Long, islands Ha Long, boats heading out 02 Ha Long, fishing boat Ha Long, from cave Ha Long, fishing boat 02

One of the islands has a large cave that's perfect for an afternoon adventure.

Ha Long, cave 01 Ha Long, cave 02

After the cave trip, it was almost time for dinner and an evening on the boat.

Ha Long, Robin & Aaron Ha Long, Marie & JC Ha Long, dinner table 02 Ha Long, at night 02

Here are two pictures of our crew, on duty, and off duty. I was surprised to see the entire crew slept on one big bed up in the pilot house!

Ha Long, crew Ha Long, crew at rest

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