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More Ha Noi

There are several lakes in Ha Noi, and one of the most infamous is the lake where John McCain landed after his plane was shot down in 1967. For many years there's been a monument at the spot where he was captured. Like several other memorials and museums, it’s been rebranded since the thawing of relations with the U.S. Its original purpose was to celebrate the downing of American jets and the capture of McCain. (Notice he's kneeling, and the tumbling USAF letters on the right.) Once McCain became famous however, and particularly as he became a stalwart friend of Viet Nam during his years in congress, they have repurposed the monument as a McCain memorial. In fact they had an official ceremony here after he died.

Ha Noi, McCain Memorial

Across the street from the McCain marker is a lovely pagoda dedicated to Buddha. The Trấn Quốc Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in the city. It's origins go back to the 6th century when it was built along the river, and then in the 1600s it was moved to it's present location.

Ha Noi, Leifeng Pagoda Ha Noi, JC at Leifeng Pagoda Ha Noi, Leifeng Pagoda prayer Ha Noi, Leifeng Pagoda 2

From the "Words to Live By" department, several of the pagodas have signs like these to encourage better living.

Ha Noi, Leifeng poster Ha Noi, Leifeng Pagoda lessons Ha Noi, Leifeng Pagoda lessons 2

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